Crack-Assets 50/50 Revenue Sharing Program

10 great reasons why the crack-assets affiliate program soars above the rest!

  1. is a very unique one-of-a-kind niche website.

    There are plenty of seemingly very attractive affiliate programs available for adult webmasters but the great majority of them only promote a whole lot of very generic "cookie cutter" type of websites. You would recognize these by the typical obligatory 3-5 page tours full of hype with no substance to back it up. These are sites that took web developers all of 2 days to crunch through their highly efficient website factory. We at inthecrack on the other hand work long hard hours to produce a top quality website that actually has a finely tuned identity.
  2. There is a LOT more "bait" on inthecrack to attract the customer.

    Our customers see a lot more of what they are going to get before they make the purchase. How many 5 page hype tours have enticed you to join a site? We recommend reviewing our free samples, what's new, reviews, and all video description pages to see all of the free enticements available to the prospective customer. We go out of our way to write extremely detailed, descriptive, and enticing video descriptions such as not seen on any other website.
  3. Inthecrack has developed a great reputation for honesty and integrity.

    If there is something about one of our products that is not so perfect WE SAY SO! As a result when we say a particular video is spectacular our customers believe us. Inthecrack customers are also accustomed to getting customer service directly from us, and in many cases even from the director of inthecrack! Customer support comes directly from the top rather than farming it out to unrelated third party clueless robots. This level of integrity is also extended to our affiliate program.
  4. The product quality speaks for itself.

    The quality of inthecrack pictures and videos should be apparent and obvious on browsing the site. Inthecrack is one of the very few adult sites offering full HD 1920x1080 videos for download.
  5. Inthecrack cookies last 100 days!!!

    This one is huge! Here's something other affiliate programs don't want you to know. Clicking on the banner sets a cookie on the customer's computer in order to remember who referred the sale. What they don't tell you is that the cookie typically only lasts 1-3 days. Very rarely the cookie might last as long as 30 days. They deliberately set it short so that the customers you refer who join after the 3rd day are 100% their sale and you get nothing for it! We have set our cookies to last 100 days! With our affiliate program if your referred customer doesn't buy a single thing until 99 days later you STILL get credit for it! Even if the customer immediately cancels their recurring billing for gallery access if they come back to inthecrack 99 days later and join again you STILL get credit for the sale!
  6. Cash in on a 1:150 conversion ratio!

    Typical adult web sites convert visitors into customers at around 1:500, while top quality adult sites might convert at around 1:200. Inthecrack converts at around 1:150. In other words 1 out of every 150 visits to inthecrack results in a sale (your actual conversion ratio depends on the quality of your source traffic).
  7. All inthecrack content is 100% original and can only be found on inthecrack.

    Unlike many adult content producers we do not sell, license, or give away any of our content. Customers cannot go somewhere else to find inthecrack content. We also do not water down our content with other generic stuff bought elsewhere that everyone has seen already. We do our own casting, hiring, photography, editing, and production, and retain 100% ownership of all content.
  8. Inthecrack is very highly rated on all review sites.

    We are consistently ranked near the top on most major review sites.
  9. No hype. Real substance produces real results.

    How many web site claim to be the worlds best this or the worlds greatest that? Based on what? Upon browsing our site inthecrack value should be evident without the hype.
  10. The above combination of affiliate features is unique to inthecrack.

    Can you really say all this about any other affiliate programs? You might see some of these features on occasional affiliate programs but never so much all in one package. We have developed our affiliate package with a goal of establishing long term profitable partnerships where everyone wins. We are confident that if you market inthecrack aggressively with prominent banner placement you too can see the great potential being substantiated.